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Who Killed Michael C. Dorn?


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Step into the enigmatic world of the 1920s with 'Who Killed Michael C. Dorn?' - an immersive murder mystery dinner experience at the Venetian Soda Lounge. With professional actors, ghostly séances, and a mystery that will leave you spellbound, unravel the secrets of the past as you dine, dance, and decipher clues. Sign up now to be the first to learn when tickets go on sale for a night of suspense, spectral whispers, and unforgettable fun!

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What to expect:

  • A riveting immersive murder mystery experience

  • Interact with professional actors 

  • Set in the 1920s, featuring bootleggers, socialites, and a family with secrets to hide.

  • The opportunity to play a role

  • A mystic séance, conducted by the enigmatic Madam Minkwink

  • A delicious three-course meal

  • Atmospheric live music

  • A unique mix of entertainment, including vintage newsreel, performances, and dance sequences.

  • State-of-the-art stage lighting and surround sound for an all-encompassing immersive experience.

  • The exhilarating rush of solving the murder with your group before time runs out, followed by a dramatic reveal.

  • A memorable evening filled with suspense, laughter, camaraderie, and a healthy dose of the supernatural.


The Victim:

Michael C. Dorn, Sr. is a self-made business magnate and the esteemed founder of the Venetian Soda Factory. An immigrant from Germany, Dorn built a name for himself in the soda industry with his irresistible concoctions. However, the soda business was just a facade. The true wealth of the Dorn family came from their illicit bootlegging operation, secretly run from the very same factory. Dorn was a force to be reckoned with - a man with a tough exterior, sharp intellect, and a knack for survival.

Despite his tough demeanor, Dorn was a family man, devoted to his three sons, whom he hoped would carry on his legacy. Though known for his tight hold over the family business, Dorn possessed a deep love for the arts, often hosting extravagant galas at his estate, attracting the city's elite.



Dr. Horatio Thorne

 Dr. Horatio Thorne is an eccentric inventor and scientist known for his groundbreaking work in the field of time travel. Driven by his insatiable curiosity and an unwavering belief in the power of science, Horatio has made it his life's mission to unlock the secrets of the universe. His quirky personality and sometimes reckless experiments have made him somewhat of an outcast in the scientific community.


Detective Callahan

Samuel Callahan, a seasoned detective with over 15 years of experience, is known for his sharp intuition and unorthodox methods. Having grown up in a rough neighborhood, Sam has a deep understanding of the criminal world, which has proven invaluable in his career. In recent years, Sam has gained a reputation for solving high-profile cases, especially those involving the city's elite.


Madam Minkwink

A mystifying and enigmatic medium, has built a reputation for her extraordinary ability to communicate with the other side. Born into a family of talented psychics and spiritualists, Madam Minkwink honed her craft from a young age, learning to channel spirits and harness her psychic intuition. With an air of sophistication and a flair for the dramatic, she captivates audiences with her séances and otherworldly insights.


Michael Dorn Jr.

The eldest son of Michael C. Dorn, Michael Jr. is a timid and introverted individual who lacks interest in the family's bootlegging business. He is known for his passion for literature and art, and often spends his time reading and painting. Michael Jr. is next in line to inherit the family business and fortune, but he is hesitant to take on the responsibility, as he dreams of pursuing a career in the arts. His lack of enthusiasm for the family business causes tension between him and his brothers, particularly with the ambitious and ruthless Frank Dorn.

The Dorn Brothers



Frank Dorn

The second son of Michael C. Dorn, Frank is a slick, cunning, and ruthless businessman who is deeply involved in the family's bootlegging operations. He has a keen eye for opportunities and is always looking for ways to expand the family's criminal empire. Unlike his brothers, Frank embraces the illegal side of the business and has no qualms about using underhanded tactics to eliminate competitors and maintain the family's grip on the city's underworld. Frank's ambition often puts him at odds with his more morally inclined brother, Paul, who disapproves of the bootlegging activities.


Paul Dorn

The youngest son of Michael C. Dorn, Paul is a business-oriented, serious, and straight-arrow individual. He has a strong distaste for the family's bootlegging operations and wishes to focus solely on the legitimate soda-making business. Paul's commitment to upholding the law and his desire to distance himself from the illegal activities of his family often puts him at odds with his more opportunistic brother, Frank. Paul has a strong moral compass and a keen mind for business, making him a valuable asset to the family's legitimate ventures.

The Moonshiner


The Doctor




The Gambler


Rival Bootlegger


The Artist


The Journalist


Disgruntled Worker

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