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Paid actors, music director, A/V tech and stage hand positions available.

We're searching for talented individuals to breathe life into the captivating world of our immersive murder mystery dinner, "Who Killed Michael C. Dorn?" Set in the roaring 1920s at the illustrious Venetian Soda Lounge, this experience melds suspenseful storytelling, professional acting, and interactive mystery-solving with a dash of the supernatural.



Dirty Martini

Coming from a working-class background, Dirty Martini has worked his way up from being a simple errand boy to Dorn's right-hand man. His life has been a series of struggles, and he sees his job at the Venetian Cocktail and Soda Lounge as a significant step up, despite the moral compromises it entails. His loyalty to Dorn stems from a mix of gratitude and fear – gratitude for being pulled out of a life of poverty, and fear of Dorn's ruthless streak.


Michael C. Dorn

Michael C. Dorn, Sr. is a self-made business magnate and the esteemed founder of the Venetian Soda Factory. An immigrant from Germany, Dorn built a name for himself in the soda industry with his irresistible concoctions. However, the soda business was just a facade. The true wealth of the Dorn family came from their illicit bootlegging operation, secretly run from the very same factory. Dorn was a force to be reckoned with - a man with a tough exterior, sharp intellect, and a knack for survival.


Madam Minkwink

A mystifying and enigmatic medium, has built a reputation for her extraordinary ability to communicate with the other side. Born into a family of talented psychics and spiritualists, Madam Minkwink honed her craft from a young age, learning to channel spirits and harness her psychic intuition. With an air of sophistication and a flair for the dramatic, she captivates audiences with her séances and otherworldly insights.

Positions available

Behind the scenes

Music Director

We are seeking a highly creative and passionate Music Director to shape and oversee the music for our immersive, 1920s-themed murder mystery event at our speakeasy. The Music Director will be responsible for creating an evocative, atmospheric soundscape that enhances the experience of the guests and complements the narrative of the event.


  1. Collaborate with the event director and A/V technician to understand the narrative and thematics of the murder mystery.

  2. Create, select, and arrange music that reflects the 1920s speakeasy vibe and seamlessly integrates with the murder mystery narrative.

  3. Attend rehearsals with cast and crew.

  4. Oversee the live sound production during the event, ensuring a seamless auditory experience for guests.

  5. Work closely with the production team to integrate music with other aspects of the event like lighting, performance cues, etc.

  6. Manage sound checks, equipment setup, and maintenance.

  7. Adapt to any changes in the script and make necessary musical alterations.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Music, Theatre, or related field, or equivalent experience.

  2. Proven experience as a Music Director, preferably with live events or theatre productions.

  3. Deep knowledge of, and appreciation for, 1920s jazz and popular music.

  4. Excellent leadership and communication skills.

  5. Ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing situations.

  6. High level of musical proficiency and creativity.

  7. Proficiency in using music editing and production software.

  8. Available for rehearsals and the live event.

This is a contract position for the duration of the event preparation and execution. Please submit your resume, references, and a brief description of your approach to creating a musical experience for an immersive event.

A/V technician

We are looking for a skilled A/V Technician to join our team for an upcoming 1920s-themed murder mystery event. The A/V Technician will be responsible for managing all audio and visual equipment to provide a seamless technical experience during the event.


  1. Setup, operation, and maintenance of all audio and visual equipment including sound systems, microphones, projectors, lighting, etc.

  2. Work closely with the event director and production team to understand the A/V requirements for the event.

  3. Troubleshoot and resolve technical issues swiftly and effectively.

  4. Ensure sound and visuals are at optimum levels and meet the event's aesthetic requirements.

  5. Participate in rehearsals to fine-tune A/V settings and cues.

  6. Maintain a record of equipment and report any damages or loss.

  7. Coordinate with the Stage Hand for smooth scene transitions and prop interactions.


  1. Proven experience as an A/V Technician in live events or theatre productions.

  2. Comprehensive understanding of audio and visual systems, lighting, and its setup.

  3. Technical skills to troubleshoot and resolve A/V issues.

  4. Attention to detail and ability to work under pressure.

  5. Good communication and teamwork skills.

  6. Availability for all rehearsals and the live event.

  7. Ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

This is a contract position for the duration of the event preparation and execution. Please submit your resume, references, and any relevant work samples.

Stage Hands

We are seeking a dedicated and reliable Stage Hand to support the production of our upcoming 1920s-themed murder mystery event. The Stage Hand will assist with various aspects of the production, including set construction, props handling, and ensuring smooth scene transitions.


  1. Assisting in building, maintaining, and dismantling stage sets and props.

  2. Handling and managing props and equipment during rehearsals and live performances.

  3. Ensuring all scene changes and props are set correctly and promptly for each part of the event.

  4. Collaborating with the event and technical team to ensure smooth operations on stage and behind the scenes.

  5. Assisting in maintaining a clean and safe backstage environment.

  6. Supporting technical rehearsals and the final live event.

  7. Helping with load-ins and load-outs before and after the event.


  1. Previous experience as a stage hand or similar role in theatre or live events.

  2. Physical stamina and strength to move set pieces and handle equipment.

  3. Basic knowledge of stage lighting, sound, and other technical aspects is a plus.

  4. High level of punctuality, reliability, and dedication.

  5. Ability to work under pressure and adapt to changing situations.

  6. Ability to work collaboratively in a team setting.

  7. Available for rehearsals and the live event.

This is a contract position for the duration of the event preparation and execution. Please submit your resume and references.

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